5 Things I Learned from You, Dear Colleagues.

Thank you for 4 beautiful years, colleagues! Below are 5 lessons I learned from YOU.

5. Organize. People and your Google Docs.

4. Say yes! To out-of-the-box ideas and the offer of eating lunch away from your desk every once in awhile. Redefine impossible & take risks in work and life, on projects large and small.

3. Say no! Know your values, your priorities and your skills. Voice dissent, ask questions and learn how to say no.

2. Grow. This often happens as a result of failure, struggle, challenge. See #4.

1. Na’ase v’nishma: Do AND understand. We learn through action, but we must pause to understand and reflect. We must understand how our actions actually make a difference, or in some cases perpetuate the problem. How can ritual, history and community help us better understand the nuanced roots of social ills and take more effective action to mitigate their impact?

0.  Have fun and laugh a little :)

Do you like pie? Kids’ Questions for the Rabbi

In preparation for Passover, my 4th graders and I discussed the importance of asking questions. Together, they came up with questions they would like to ask a Rabbi. I’m a little curious what they think is included in training for the Rabbinate (“do bears eat bears?”).

A selection of their (many!) questions is below – Do you share some of these questions? Do you have answers for any? Leave a comment and maybe I will share your musings with my class!

On God:
Is god a human person or does he live in outer space, in the sky?

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